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The Day Has Arrived 10X13.5  6,000.00 Oil On Canvas

Bride wearing a pearl necklace against a blue background.

MY TURN 16X20 5,900.00 Oil On Canvas

Head and shoulders portrait of the profile of a young ballerina awaiting the signal to begin the performance.

VACATION IN EGYPT 18X24 7,900.00 Oil On Canvas

Two native Egyptians seated on a donkey at.

GIRL WEARING A READ FLOWER  11X14  4,500.00 Oil On Canvas

Watercolor of a young woman in a pink dress wearing a red flower in her hair. She is adorned with turquoise bead jewelry.

SARA 15.5x19 5,700.00 Oil On Canvas

Painting of a resolute Young girl.

ORANGE ELEGANCE 18X24 6,400.00 Oil On Canvas

A bright orange flower with abstract turquoise borders which match the color of the frame.

COUNTRY COTTAGE 38X48  8,800.00 Oil On Canvas

Painting of a cottage located in Cornwall, England.

PRIVATE AUDIENCE 36X48  9,900.00 OIL ON Masonite Canvas

A picture of a ballerina demonstrating classic ballerina Positioning.

GAZING WISTFULLY 9x14 6,000.00 Oil On Canvas

The young woman has a sorrowful expression. A lot of detail is included in this Small painting.

GIRL WEARING BLUE SCARF 16x20 6,800.00 Oil On Canvas

The portrait of the young woman has been cut around the edges and adhered to the rose background. This woman exhibits calmness and composure as she looks across the room with motionless eyes.

FARM GIRL 12x16 5,000.00 Oil On Canvas

A girl works on the farm in spite of her windswept tresses becoming entangled by gusts of wind.

DEEP IN THOUGHT 18x24 7,600.00 Oil On Canvas

A thoughtful young woman dressed in a striped shirt and a dark hat.

A SINGLE MAGNOLIA 16x20 5000.00Oil On Canvas

A single magnolia placed within an unusual ceramic plant holder.

CLIMBING ROSE 24x36 6,800.00 Oil On Canvas

A window with reflections of flowers and plants, crisscrossed with climbing,

flowering vines.

SAILS OF SPLENDOR 36x48 8,800.00 Oil On Canvas

A familiar location with a twist. A colorful sailing vessel enters the harbor.

ADMIRING THE FLOWER 14x18 6,800.00 Oil On Canvas

A young girl observes with interest, a lovely white flower, This cameo is set within the green borders of a window frame.